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Platform for Data & Analytics Teams to Accelerate Graph + AI Solution Delivery

  • Connect Data Across Silos
  • Shorten Delivery Time by 70%
  • Use Your Current Skills

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Shorten delivery time by 70% for high-impact data-intensive challenges and opportunities with your current team and existing skills

  • Does your organization rely on humans finding, assessing and applying information?
  • Does your organization have more data than any single analyst can keep in their head?
  • Do your data scientists and analysts spend more time with data engineering and ops tasks than with data science and analysis?
  • Are all your data elements connected?

Learn how data & analytics teams deliver graph analytic and graph-enhanced AI solutions in weeks instead of years with GraphGrid

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    Your Current Team

    GraphGrid simplifies building and deploying advanced graph-based solutions so your current team can build them today.

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    Their Current Skills

    GraphGrid provides APIs and SKDs in standard languages and technologies that your teams already know.

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    Day-One Value

    GraphGrid ships with a suite of core services for your team to leverage in building their graph-enhanced solutions quickly.

"GraphGrid enabled me to accomplish in 2 hours what would have previously taken me 6 months."

FRAUD INVESTIGATOR, US Department of Treasury

"With data in tables we only used a fraction of our data, but GraphGrid put all our data in context giving us new insights."

LIEUTENANT COLONEL, United States Air Force

"Building on GraphGrid saved years of engineering effort by accelerating our use of graph and AI services via simple APIs and SDKs with our current team and their existing skills."

Program Manager, Department of Defense

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Get Started with GraphGrid for Free

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Schedule Your Free Solution Session

During the solutioning session a graph expert will help you identify how GraphGrid can help your team rapidly deliver your high-impact data-intensive solution

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Setup your Freemium GraphGrid Deployment

Using fully-featured freemium our experts will help your team configure GraphGrid for your specific solution and start building

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Launch Your High-Impact Data-Intensive Solution in Weeks

Accelerate development using out of the box services via APIs and SDKs in the languages and skills you know to rapidly develop and deploy your solution

We're helping under-resourced data & analytics teams rapidly deliver more high-impact data-intensive solutions

We know it is frustrating when management asks for better results faster. But they may not understand how complex and time-consuming it can be to apply advanced techniques that involve Graph and AI. And, your current teams may not have the skills required to implement these solutions.

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How to Hunt A Cheat: Knowledge Graphs in the Multibillion-Dollar Fight Against Fraud and Noncompliance

How U.S. Treasury data and analytics teams rapidly deliver solutions that eliminate 90% of time spent on each case by investigative analysts

Download the Case Study

Accelerate Your Graph-Enhanced AI Solution Delivery for Data-Intensive Challenges and Opportunities from Years to Weeks