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Graph + AI Platform

Graph + AI Platform is a new approach built for the demands, challenges, and opportunities facing organizations today.

This composable platform strategically groups and integrates Graph and AI capabilities to accelerate the delivery of Graph + AI solutions to production for your organization.

All users collaborate in a unified environment built for continuous optimization across the entire Graph + AI lifecycle.

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GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform Capabilities

Deploy your Graph + AI solution with the flexibility of modular and composable services or a complete cloud platform

Graph Building Blocks

illustration of the graph building blocks within the graphgrid graph ai platform

Native Graph Engine

Data relationships are like puzzles. GraphGrid is optimized for relationship analysis so you can understand how the pieces fit together and gain better insights.
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Collaborative Knowledge Graph Manager

Different people bring different perspectives and knowledge to the table. Collaboration is the key to keeping the graph accurate and up-to-date.
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Get more relevant results in less time. Search through large amounts of data with natural language easily and efficiently using graph-based search.
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Graph Change Data Capture

Be proactive, not reactive. Push trends and patterns to analysts that may not have gone unnoticed. Keep AIs and search aligned with your current knowledge graph.
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Graph Ops

Create a cohesive pipeline built for your entire graph data workflow and knowledge curation lifecycle. Keep your developers and data scientists from getting bogged down with operations.
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AI Building Blocks

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Graph-Enhanced Machine Learning

A cutting-edge approach that merges traditional machine learning techniques with graph theory to extract more information from data than machine learning methods can alone.
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Graph-Enhanced Natural Language Processing

Gain a competitive edge by uncovering new insights at the intersection of raw text and already structured knowledge.
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Graph-Enhanced Deep Learning

Achieve breakthroughs where applying AI alone did not produce high enough levels of certainty to move the model into production.
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AIOps (MLOps+)

Reduce the time to value for your AI initiatives and keep your team focused on the outcomes instead of worrying about operations.
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Build with Your Current Team and Existing Skills

Save time and give your team a way to grow in their understanding of advanced Graph + AI technologies

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    Simple SDKs in Languages You Know

    Developing Graph + AI solutions shouldn’t be gated by complex technologies. Our SDKs are available in popular languages like Java and Python. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, our simple SDKs make it easy to include Graph + AI in your solution.

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    Standard JSON APIs Accelerate Development

    All the complexity of Graph + AI is simplified into standard JSON APIs. This way, you can focus on building new Graph + AI-based features and functionality for your application without worrying about the underlying technologies required to enable those capabilities.

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    Deliver Fast and Upskill Your Current Team

    Speed is everything. If you can deliver fast and upskill your current team, you’ll be ahead of the competition. Your current team can build with Graph + AI technologies and you can deliver 50% faster than your current solutions.

  • Driving Business Impact with Knowledge Graphs and Engines

    Day One Value Accelerates Delivery by 90%

    GraphGrid ships with a suite of core Graph + AI services so your team can build their graph-enhanced AI (ML, NLP, DL) solution in weeks instead of years.

Increase Your Data ROI and Create Real-World Impact

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    Bring Graph + AI to production faster

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    Transform data into business results with confidence

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    Deploy Graph + AI anywhere, at scale

Bring the power of Graph + AI to your industry