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Hybrid Graph + AI Cloud

Customize your enterprise Graph + AI infrastructure to match your exact operating environment and IT requirements for maximum flexibility, cloud integration, and peace of mind.

illustration depicting two cloud outlines that overlap to form a Venn diagram with the top cloud saying private, the bottom saying public and the middle saying hybrid

With GraphGrid you have full control over your cloud data integration, from where data resides to how to optimize Graph + AI for your needs. Eliminate security concerns without sacrificing the scalability and maintenance benefits of applications in the cloud.

Hybrid Graph + AI Benefits

illustration depicting both cloud and on premises server with a gear icon surrounded by a bi-directional arrow interacting between them to show flexibility of both

Ultimate Flexibility

Fully customize your deployment to match your specific operating environment and IT requirements with GraphGrid cloud integration. For example, you can install the GraphGrid application in the cloud via VPC and keep your data separate on an on-premise server that is managed by your organization.

illustration with a cloud outline containing the graphgrid logo plus a lock icon at the center and to the left of that a money icon with an arrow indicating downward movement and to the right side server infrastructure icons with an arrow indicating movement up and to the right

Scalable Computing Resources

Minimize your on-premise capital and maintenance costs and maximize business value by installing GraphGrid in the cloud. Only pay for the compute resources you use while reducing on-premise complexity with a focus on data storage.

illustration depicting a pen with a piece of paper and ribbon with check mark icon and another piece of paper behind that with three lines each with a blue check mark at the end of the line

Compliance and Governance

The flexibility of GraphGrid allows companies in highly regulated industries to comply with all policies to protect sensitive customer data, including HIPAA and GDPR. Store data in your environment of choice along with the GraphGrid application to minimize data movement.

illustration emphasizing a blue shield with an orange lock with several icons behind it for server infrastrucutre, graph, user access

Robust Security

GraphGrid supports file system encryption and employs all of the latest security protocols, including LDAP and SSO/SAML 2.0 for user authentication to prevent unauthorized access to proprietary data. TLS 1.2 protects the confidentiality of the authentication process as well as all data in flight.

GraphGrid can run as an extension of your existing private network. Our VPC Peering supports direct connections and secure communications between your private cloud networks and your GraphGrid Graph + AI cloud environment on any of the major cloud infrastructure providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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