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Advanced Analytic Applications

New types of data present new opportunities

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The Connected Customer

Today customers generate more data than ever before as they research, purchase and use a company's products or services. By bringing together all information about a customer, including new data types such as clickstream, geo-location and social, organizations can better understand, anticipate and meet customer needs. GraphGrid Data Platform powers a connected view of each customer, allowing organizations to provide targeted, personalized customer experiences and recommendations. This connected view allows a company to reduce attrition, improve cross-sell and bolster its word-of-mouth reputation.

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Predictive Analytics

Past is prelude. Historical data provides signals that indicate what may happen in the future. By understanding signals coming from machines and sensors, server logs and other new data sources, organizations can predict future events and become more proactive. GraphGrid captures, stores and processes the large volumes of data streaming from connected devices and sensors that measure your business. A variety of data science and iterative machine-learning techniques can make confident real-time recommendations that reduce costs, improve safety, and inform investments.

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Data Discovery

Business analysts use GraphGrid to explore new data types and large data sets that were previously too disconnected to explore and process effectively. They unlock insights from data such as clickstream, geo-location, sensor, server log, social, text and video data. This new data enriches existing analytic applications with new perspectives and insights. New data also drives the creation of innovative new apps that provide new value to the business.