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Data discovery opens new paths to value

Explore and combine new data to find meaningful patterns

edgecompute graph


Rather than constrain your analysis to structured columnar data, store raw data in its many forms and explore a wider range of questions. With Neo4j, a leading high-end home listing and booking company was able to connect all aspects of a listing from the floor plan details including the spatial uses within to the eateries and attractions in the area. The solution provided the flexibility of connecting and querying complex, non-similar data types with speed and accuracy that paved the way for continued growth and scale beyond the bottlenecks encountered with other NoSQL and Relational databases.

edgecompute graph


Data previously separated by source, structure or system can now be combined in one connected graph, revealing new insights. With Neo4j, a leading health analytics platform was able to seamlessly combine and expose multiple, frequently updating, diverse data sources through a unified query interface, which was highly performant, handling well over 15 hops (8+ joins in RDBMS terms) in under 200ms. These performance advances enabled significant advances for their customers in R&D, Clinical Trials and Marketing to find unique connections only available through the combined data connected in the graph.