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Download GraphGrid 2.0.0

Release Date: 1 March 2024

Release Notes | Changelog | Documentation

2.0.0 Major Release

Version 2.0.0 of GraphGrid includes the following features and improvements.


  • Manager Model UI enables users to create and maintain their graph data model
  • New frontend capabilities to create and update Node types, Edge types, and Properties
  • Associate Edge types and Properties with Nodes; Associate Properties with Edge types
  • Adds Showme (user created queries) support in UI
  • Improves UX for graph visualization, navigation and operations performed to the Manager Model


  • Batch Inferencing on NLP Data Extraction for improved performance
  • GPU Support for NLP Data Extraction for improved performance
  • Introduces NLP HelperModel
  • NLP Model Training & Airflow
  • NLP Model Training SDK
  • Improves similarity clustering algorithm (clusters similar text documents)
  • Improves Binary and Categorical Sentiment Analysis models
  • Introduces Sentence Boundary Detection ML Model (improved from rules-based sentence splitting)


  • Adds module enable/disable commands
  • Adds GPU commands (gpu check; gpu enable/disable)
  • Improves secure password generation
  • Get/Set GraphGrid Config
  • Linux support and security improvements
  • Adds GraphGrid user/group 9191 supporting consistent permissions management