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Textual Search Across Your Graph

Textual search capabilities across your graph database allow you to define policies for populating indexes based on highly customizable documents built using policies that support GeequelTM.

illustration of a graph showing connections from tashfeen malik to other people and social accounts

Powerful Search Capabilities

Once you get your data into the graph, the opportunities for analysis are wide open.

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    “Plug-and-play” search index policy and endpoints make it quick and easy to set up and start experimenting.

  • illustration of a hand moving slides to customize settings


    A highly customizable indexing policy gives you complete control over how indexes are created and structured with Elasticsearch.

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    Complex search queries can be saved and reused.

  • illustration of a circle with four objects, one at each corner, with the top left being a circle, the top right a square, the bottom right a triangle and the bottom left a hexagon


    Far more options for searching compared to GeequelTM including custom fuzziness, hard filters, sorting, and text suggestion.

  • illustration of stopwatch with speed lines emitting out to the left


    Search pre-processes every- thing that returns. Processing is done ahead of time so results return almost instantly.

Accelerate Your Connected Data Journey