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GraphGrid on AWS Cloud

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GraphGrid implements the best-practice architectural guidelines in security, data management, data access and data integration for managing your graph resources in the AWS Cloud. GraphGrid has been architected from the ground up for the enterprise government and deploys in highly secure AWS Regions such as GovCloud (US).

Dedicated AWS VPC per Region

GraphGrid deploys organizations into dedicated AWS Virtual Private Clouds in each AWS Region that you have active to provide a best-practice configuration for optimal data security and low-surface area exposure to sensitive graph resources. Deployments are launched in isolated subnets managed by proper security group policies that allow isolation of access from inside the VPC.


AWS has constructed world-class infrastructure both physically and over the internet to remain resilient in the failure mode, natural disasters or even system failures. Moreover, they are utilizing an end-to-end approach which assures your data is completely secured.


GraphGrid offers encryption at rest on your deployment data volumes.


Leverage the power of the AWS global infrastructure and forget about the guesswork in identifying your infrastructure needs. The AWS cloud capacity is available with granular flexibility to take advantage of on-demand, spot, and reserved instances for steady-state and burst scenarios.

Global Leader

Amazon holds a great presence across the globe with 15 regions and 50 availability zones. Moreover, AWS has implemented the latest technologies by which you can easily access compute and storage resources as per your requirement.

Connect your AWS

GraphGrid offers flexible connections for customers with existing AWS accounts through VPC peering. Because your deployments live in a dedicated VPC in GraphGrid, connection is a breeze! The best security policy for your graph resources is a fully private one and VPC peering offers a convenient way to securely access your graph resources running in GraphGrid.

Enterprise Connect

If you’re an enterprise that needs a high bandwidth connection, contact us to set up direct connect to GraphGrid.

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