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Company Origin Story

Over a decade ago we observed the birth of Connected Tech while building software engineering solutions for mission critical enterprise systems. From the service web to semantic data to smart things, we saw the power to usher in a new era of connected customers, businesses, and ecosystems. With the ongoing explosion of data sources and volumes, true data relationships have to be at the center of enterprise architectures for companies to remain viable. The world is one massive, highly connected network with rich contextual relationships connecting each person, place and thing. We believe the future of business is using connected data to create knowledge that manages operations, engages customers, and inspires employees.

So we founded GraphGrid® to create a company and a platform that executed on our vision of enabling data-driven businesses. We had to think differently. Connected organizations will create processes and produce products that fundamentally shift the boundaries of what is possible with today’s disconnected data silos. Companies like Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and Facebook have risen with businesses so dominant they are almost impossible to challenge. At their very core – from product to organizational structure to culture – they are highly connected and data-driven. Data at the center is a dominating power. We at GraphGrid believe every business needs to transform into a highly connected, data-driven enterprise with real-time learning, unprecedented agility, and a security-first philosophy. We exist to help customers embark on that journey.

We have also observed that the value of data can be greatly exaggerated. Relational database overlays, data warehouses, business intelligence tools, data lakes, and a host of other approaches are often expensive to build and maintain while producing little result. Put simply, they pool data but do not embrace relationships at the core of their architecture. They are unable to transform constantly flowing, ever-changing data into a contextually connected business asset that’s efficiently searched, highly secure, and tuned for new insights. Moreover, we have observed data can be destructive and machines can behave badly. Machine learning and data analytics can exploit data sources, draw inaccurate or false insights, and expose people and organizations to those with malicious intent. Our mission is to ensure data is used for good, productive outcomes through the highest degree of data integrity, security and connectivity.

As we worked with pioneering brands, we learned that existing data infrastructures are significant barriers to adopting Connected Tech. So we funded and built a Connected Intelligence Platform® that brings the basic infrastructure and services needed to accelerate innovation, scale solutions, and manage changing data. We understand the powerful antibodies that accommodate change. We won’t disrupt existing processes – until you are ready. We won’t slow you down. And we will deploy using modern economics: start small and smart, prove the tech and ROI, and then grow at whatever speed your business requires.

Today, we serve customers with both our innovation team and intelligence platform. Working side by side with your internal team, we accelerate your learning, creativity, and results. Our clients envision connected customer experiences, solve connected business problems, and launch connected solutions and ventures. Because now, for the first time, they can quickly and reliably connect data from across sources, across the enterprise, and across the world.

For more insight on how we can accelerate your connected innovation, contact us to schedule a time to talk.