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Accelerate Your Connected Data Journey

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Graph Quick Start combines the expert support, training, and services you need to get up and running with graph data quickly and successfully.

Based on experience drawn from customers worldwide, Graph Quick Start provides all the elements needed to get started successfully with graph:
Support: Expert graph support across the full lifecycle from solution architecture and development to production deployment.
Training: Access to certified graph professionals in person at your location or remotely.
Services: A package of professional services to help you leverage graph capabilities for long term success.

Why Graph Now?

Native graph databases (i.e. neo4j) are transforming the competitive landscape in every industry. While dramatically reducing time-to-insight, GDS enables a new breed of advanced analytic and real-time recommendation applications that unlock new business value to differentiate organizations from their competition.

GraphStart provides guidance from our neo4j experts from the moment you begin architecting your solution, and helps your team build the skills required for long term success. It is your way to get on the fast track with native graph databases like neo4j.

Business value

Many organization gets started with graph in one of two ways:

Data Discovery and Connected Data Management to significantly reduce the costs associated with understanding and acting upon their data.

Advanced Analytic and Recommendation Applications to realize new value from always present relationships connecting data sources in meaningful ways.

Graph Quick Start includes options to add professional services packages to deploy the most popular use cases.