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Graph Search Service

Graph-Based Search using Neo4j and Elasticsearch

Neo4j Elasticsearch Graph-Based Search
Getting the precise results on the top of search results is not at all an easy job. Anyone who is working with the searches can quickly realize it and this is where GraphGrid ElasticGraph comes into the play.

What is GraphGrid ElasticGraph?
GraphGrid ElasticGraph is a real time, auto-indexing search solution which is integrated with connected graph data to leverage them and amass powerful graph search.
In order to find the accurate content in the digital asset library, obviously you need a graph-based search tool. With GraphGrid ElasticGraph, you can tap the power of Neo4j + ElasticSearch because we have combined both to provide powerful graph aided search with auto-indexing between Neo4j and ElasticSearch. New to both these terms?

Have a glance at basic definitions:
Neo4j: Neo4j is an open source graph database which helps you get the most accurate and relevant real-time results using the power of graph based search.
ElasticSearch: ElasticSearch is a search server which is designed to take data from any source and analyses it in real time to get scalable search which can be easily applied of all kinds of documents.

Our team of professionals has been doing this pairing for almost three years, and from their in-depth research they have formulated that it is very powerful because it is most flexible and scalable solution in the market.

How we’ve used the complimentary technologies of Neo4j + ElasticSearch
Although there are several ways of integrating Neo4j with ElasticSearch, the team at GraphGrid has used the complimentary technologies of Neo4j + ElasticSearch in ElasticGraph. Earlier, the River plugin was the easiest way which is no longer used nowadays that is why latest options are considered such as: integration with Neo4j’s TransactionEventHandler or implementation of a full index-provider that uses ElasticSearch as a storage.

Let’s have a sneak peek at the working process of ElasticGraph
We have paired Neo4j + ElasticSearch in such a way that Neo4j allows us to store all the database and the relationships along with enabling you a very good faceted Neo4j text search by indexing a specific query results. When a user is typing a query in the search field, ElasticSearch starts its work and a result is selected a request is made to Neo4j to get benefit of the connectedness of the relationships specified in the graph in order to provide the complete results.
With GraphGrid ElasticGraph, you will witness the power and efficiency of graph based search solution which actually makes it easier to understand your data at every turn and procure effective results at every Neo4j faceted search.