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Collaborative Knowledge Graph Manager

Decide with Confidence Knowing You See the Complete Picture

Collaborative knowledge keeps your data organized and understood giving your team the power to make better decisions

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Collaborative Knowledge Graph Manager Benefits

Transparent knowledge coordination

Transparent Knowledge Coordination

  • Move forward together with confidence as each team member contributes their uniquely held knowledge.
  • Make your organization more agile, resilient, and responsive to change.
  • Collaborate efficiently across teams – between humans and machines – no matter your role.
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Knowledge Enhanced AI

Feel empowered knowing your team and your AI learn and grow from the same knowledge graph. Knowledge awareness produces reliable AIs that provide contextually relevant predictions. Move forward with peace of mind knowing your AI completely understands the knowledge for the context in which they provide output.

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Simplified Knowledge Building

Empower your team to be knowledge leaders. Feel the satisfaction of helping your team get on the same page with a centralized source of truth for your organization’s knowledge. Easily create and share knowledge to get everyone on the same page quickly.

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Improved Decision Making

Make faster, more informed decisions through a deeper understanding of your data as knowledge. Decide with confidence knowing your AI completely understands the knowledge for the context in which they provide you guiding output.

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    Create a community of knowledge builders who identify and organize the collective knowledge of humans across your organization.

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    Make everyone in your organization smarter and more efficient through simple and intuitive knowledge discovery.

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    Turn your team into your competitive advantage by empowering all team members to collaborate and contribute their knowledge.

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