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Graph Change Data Capture

Feel confident that your humans, systems, and AIs are all working off the latest organizational knowledge.
Eliminate tedious and time-consuming data lake querying.
Push relevant information to analysts instead of requiring them to find it.

illustration for change data capture with arrows pointing into a graph database icon flowing from that two a set of data to icons for a machine learning icon, search icon and human icon

Graph Change Data Capture Benefits

illustration of humans staying in the loop with the three human icons around a top view graph brain icon that is pushing information to them

Humans Stay in Flow

Push relevant data to your humans in real-time. No more sifting through the data lake checking for new data pertinent to their analyses. As data changes, alerts and notifications are sent to their devices.

illustration of agraph ai system in the middle with arrows spinning around it pushing information out to four icons at the edge for human, machine, search and analysis

Systems Stay Synchronized

Save time and stay focused knowing your systems stay up-to-date with the latest changes pushed to them in real-time automatically. Manual updates are no longer required to update search indexes, refresh AI, ML, and NLP training data, nor load new data into analytic applications.

illustration for graph and ai not drifting with three top view graph brains the first one with purple nodes the second with purple and red nodes and third one with only red nodes and a check mark to the right

No AI Drift

Trust your AI while you watch it adjust its course over time. It re-trains automatically whenever it identifies enough data change has occurred. Consistent and automatic re-training minimizes the risk of poor decisions due to dated AI models that lack current context.

illustration of embrace the push paradigm

Embrace the Push Paradigm

Analysts complete what used to take months in just hours through a simple analytic paradigm shift. Push relevant information to them instead of them spending their time looking for it in the data lake.

GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform

Graph Change data Capture Role

Graph Change Data Capture keeps your humans, systems, and AIs synchronized and informed as data changes

  • illustration of a fingerprint in orange outline style


    GraphGrid identifies and understands which humans, systems, and AIs should be notified about the data change.

  • illustration of a bell icon


    As data changes in the graph, immediate notices are distributed to the humans, systems, and AIs impacted by the change.

  • illustration of a graph with zeros and ones above it


    Humans no longer need to go and look to see if data relevant to their analysis has changed. Changes are now pushed to them.

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