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Graph-Enhanced Machine Learning

Differentiate your ML. For real.
Empower your team with a new world of attributes they can use to improve their ML models.
Increase accuracy in your knowledge graph with structure, distance, and context.

illustration depicting graph enhanced machine learning by using a side view of a graph brain with gears inside it and graph nodes coming up into it, all with three person icons around

Graph-Enhanced Machine Learning Benefits

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More Accurate

Feel confident that your ML models have a complete view of your data each time they provide an output. A knowledge graph-enriched dataset provides structure, distance, and context. With these attributes available for each data point during training, your ML models learn to understand the broader context which increases accuracy.

illustration depicting a gear in the middle containing three nodes connected in a circle around a stack of three blocks with this gear surrounded by icons for big results

Small Data Big Results

Get more out of your small data. Traditional ML requires massive datasets to perform well, but with graph-enhanced ML small data is your superpower. Your small datasets enhanced by graph characteristics reveal their highly-predictive attributes available for training high-impact ML models.

illustration depicting developer friendly by showing a female developer at a laptop using a simple graph and text interface with a male developer pointing at it and discussing it with her

Developer Friendly

Empower all your developers to incorporate ML into their solutions. Standard JSON APIs and language-specific SDKs make ML approachable with the skills your non-ML developers already have. GraphGrid handles the complexity of integrating your knowledge graph and Spark so your developers can focus on solutions that use both.

illustration of a graph with one node emphasized by a magnifying glass and three icons around it for lightbulb, person and gear containing a three connected nodes in a circle around a stack of three blocks

Transparent and Explainable

Understand how your machine learning models work even if you do not have a background in math or computer science. Identify biases in your data before they impact your ML model outputs.

Graph-Enhanced Machine Learning Role in GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform

GraphGrid makes it quick and easy for you to enhance your ML models with attributes from your knowledge graph and introduce new knowledge gleaned from the ML model outputs into your graph

  • illustration of snapping finger and thumb with action lines and stars emitting from it


    Write the graph query to extract the data and GraphGrid handles the rest of the integration and data pipeline flow.

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    Supercharge your ML for data scientists and developers with graph features, embeddings, and unrivaled predictive accuracy.

  • illustration in outline style of two orange hands shaking surrounded by blue arrow in circle around it with graph nodes connected to the circle to the right and left


    A graph-to-Spark-to-graph flow is available out of the box. Graph enhances your ML models during training. ML models identify new graph characteristics.

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