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Native Graph Engine

  • Optimized to handle relationships between data elements
  • Data storage that is easy to understand and use
  • Faster queries
  • Deeper context for analytics
  • Easy-to-modify data model
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Native Graph Engine Benefits

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Get more value from your existing technology investment.

Seamlessly integrate into your existing data and analytics architecture. Prevents lock-in with our open-source format. Well-defined APIs, SDKs, and drivers available in common languages to encourage widespread use across your organization. Visibility for your operations teams through monitoring and logging facilities.

Advanced Security Graphic

Advanced Security

Rest easy. Your graph data is secure.

It is difficult to control access to specific data points when they are all interconnected. Granular security allows you to control access to a specific schema, data points, and the relationships between them, which is essential for protecting your graph data across a diverse group of users. A graph is a collection of data that are interconnected. This means that each piece of data has the potential to be connected to any other piece of data.

Superior Performance

Superior Performance

Spend your time on what is important. Less hardware. Faster queries.

Orders-of-magnitude performance improvements on datasets with many relationships between data elements with our responsive, resilient, and elastic message-driven reactive architecture. Our native graph engine is designed so your system can handle whatever load it’s presented with, adapt to changing conditions, and recover from failures gracefully.

Reliable Relationships

Reliable Relationships

Feel confident in the state of your data from now on.

All data points always agree on the relationships existing between them. No more unreliable data state reconciliation processes. Data is written using ACID transactions and a CAP theorem consistency guarantee. Transactions are complete when your data is on disk; not only in memory.

GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform

Native Graph Engine Role

Multiply the return on your data and analytics investment by enhancing your data with our Native Graph Engine

  • Native Graph Engine Structure


    Graph structures unlock the hidden mysteries of your data by organizing complex and messy data into clear and understandable structures. Graphs can supercharge your AI training.

  • Native Graph Engine Distance


    The distance between data points is a powerful analytic input. Instantly gain an advantage; no additional data needed. Improve your AI performance by including distance attributes in your model.

  • Native Graph Engine Context


    Context brings to the surface the complete story hidden in the way your data points are related to each other. Celebrate the exponential value increase you just gave your data. Enhance your AI with this nuanced awareness your competitors are missing.

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