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GraphGrid Releases

GraphGrid promotes a culture of continuous integration and continuous delivery for GraphGrid Cloud Service released to and manages packaged versions of the GraphGrid Platform for customers not consuming GraphGrid from GraphGrid Cloud Services. Customers that have GraphGrid accounts at automatically benefit as new releases are pushed out without the need to perform any upgrades. Customers running a version of the GraphGrid Platform should consult the detailed release notes and schedule time to upgrade with their Assigned Support Concierge.

Current Release

Release 1.3.0
Expected July 18, 2018

GraphGrid Release 1.3.0 is the current release iteration. Features will be announced here as they are rolled out to GraphGrid Cloud and will available for GraphGrid Platform customers at the final delivery of the release.

Why does GraphGrid manage release versions?

When you use you’re using the current versions of GraphGrid Services. Some customers choose to deploy GraphGrid Services on-premise or in a controlled cloud environment or even build platforms of their own on top of GraphGrid in a separate GraphGrid Cloud account. Because there are multiple versions of GraphGrid powering organizations in many forms we provide a unified release schedule for all GraphGrid Services that communicates compatibility across our suite of products and services.

How are GraphGrid versions determined?

GraphGrid versions Services and API to help communicate areas of compatibility for both GraphGrid Cloud customers using GraphGrid APIs and GraphGrid Platform customers deploying services separate from the cloud.

  • GraphGrid API versions are determined based on backwards compatibility. New GraphGrid API versions will be announced when breaking changes are required in the new version. Support for all existing APIs is a minimum of 12 months.
  • GraphGrid Platform services are versioned to manage compatibility across the entire suite of GraphGrid services. When deploying GraphGrid Platform it’s important to keep all the services on the same minor version release to ensure compatibility. The GraphGrid Platform services adopt a major.minor.fix release structure. Major breaking changes will be announced. All minor versions will be maintained for at least 12 months.