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Graph + AI for Financial Services

Reliably augmenting your analysts and investigators so you increase compliance, decrease fraud, and triple analytic throughput with Graph + AI for Financial Services.

Confidently tackle mounting regulations, compliance and fraud, and competitive pressure with trusted, explainable AI.

Deploy anywhere including on-premises.

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Learn from Your Peers

How to Hunt a Cheat

Investigative analysts find new patterns that help them recover tens of millions of dollars of fraud they didn’t even know about.
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From Weeks to Hours

Analysts and investigators at global banks and financial institutions reduce their time to process new AML/KYC exposure by 95%.
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Augment Your Analysts

Do your analysts and investigators spend hours sifting through a data lake piecing together data?

Does your organization have more data than any single analyst can keep in their head?

We know how exhausting and demoralizing it is to spend more than half your time just searching a data lake for information that is relevant to your analysis.

You Can Do It

Deliver your first Graph + AI-based solution in only three weeks and start reliably augmenting your organization’s analysts and investigators so you increase compliance, decrease fraud and triple analytic throughput.

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    Empower your analysts and investigators to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

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    Transform your organization by delivering high-impact results with Graph + AI solutions in weeks instead of years.

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    Gain a competitive edge with a reusable Graph + AI foundation using your existing team and their current skills.

Bring the power of Graph + AI to your organization. Get started today for free.