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May 31, 2023

Ben Nussbaum

Collaborative A.I. Success: Creating New Revenue Out of a Cost-Optimization Project

When humans and A.I. machines work together, business-changing outcomes are more common. We’ve known this since at least 2018, when Harvard Business Review published a study of 1,500 companies that found human analysts working with A.I. machines produce the most profound performance improvements.   At the time, HBR called the trend “collaborative intelligence.” Five years Read the full article…

May 22, 2023

Ben Nussbaum

Saving the Solo ‘Data Guru Bottleneck’ with Graph Databases and AI

You log onto the Griddle, Inc. Slack on Monday morning and see an announcement from your CTO: “Welcome Andy, Griddle’s first machine learning and data engineer! We’re SO excited to have them onboard.”   As part of Griddle’s engineering team, this sounds like a win-win for everyone. You’ve been asking said CTO for more technical Read the full article…

The Cost of Burnout May Be Rising – Here’s Why

Search the term “data-driven enterprise” and you’ll get close to 300 million results. Why? Executives like the sound of it. They’ll even tell you their companies use data to create value – whatever that means. Here’s the truth: data lacks value until it births expertise. Helping human analysts transform data into expertise that’s efficiently applied Read the full article…