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Every Organization Needs a Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Sharing Falling Short

Knowledge Graph: Understanding and Growth

Knowledge Graph with ONgDB

Knowledge Graph with ONgDB on GraphGridA knowledge graph as it relates to individual organizations is a unification of information across that organization enriched with contextual and semantic relevance. Introducing a knowledge graph creates a comprehensive and baseline set of knowledge accessible by personnel, applications and customers alike to gain understanding and drive actions and direction.

This foundational knowledge graph is not only useful for people and applications, but provides a relevant and evolving dataset for sophisticated learning and intelligence software systems to utilize in providing personalized internal guidance as well as highly engaging interactions with customers.

To engage all personnel in collaboration and knowledge sharing, a majority of organizations today have adopted social networking trends and offering different kinds of internal tools. However, such applications can generate large volumes of unstructured organization data stored in isolated systems across an organization. This attempt at creating a holistic understanding falls short because all this knowledge sharing and information isn’t actually being connected together.

The main result from this approach is a complex infrastructure containing data silos filled with duplicated, expired, and redundant information. This makes it hard to see the right information and acquire important insights. Organizations today need a graph data platform to support increasingly complex data management needs; deal with information flow, data infrastructure and communication problems; and allow next-generation systems to effectively seek, share, filter, and review data.

By embracing the nuanced complexities, semantics and contextual connections within an organization, a knowledge graph can be a catalyst for understanding and growth. The diverse and complex aspects of an organization’s business and operations are often well understood by a few subject matter experts that have gained extensive knowledge over their years of experience.

Providing a way for people and systems to connect and leverage a holistic perspective of this knowledge that exists perpetuates better insights and decision making by your subject matter experts because they understand more of business as a whole. Advancing enterprises are those that are bringing this knowledge out of isolation from within a single group or department and connecting it enterprise-wide.

ONgDB is a fully ACID-compliant, transactional native graph database that is meant to be your source of truth database. As such, ONgDB is the ideal data store for your enterprise’s knowledge graph. ONgDB can be a foundational solution within your enterprise that transforms the way your people collaborate, your applications personalize interactions and your organization advances through holistic understanding of your data.