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Graph Advantage: Personal Gamification

Defining Gamification

Benefits of Gamification with ONgDB

Real-Time Gaming Elements and Product Positioning

GamificationUser attention spans online are quite short today with all the options vying for their eyeballs. Gamification is an approach that surfaced as being an effective way to engage with users in a more engaging and interesting manner. Gamification in a non-generic, personal manner with the right incentives for each individual requires a very complete and connected understanding of that user.

Gamification involves integrating gaming mechanics into marketing and user interaction strategies. It’s a method that drives consumer engagement and participation since it produces positive behavior via incentives and rewards. As a matter of fact, this form of “gaming” can drive recurring user engagement and positive perception, as long as the approach is based on the right incentives.

Gamification is becoming more widely seen in today’s user strategy and is on the mind of those driving product and marketing decisions. Getting gamification right can transform the way businesses deal with their customers. Businesses are developing these game mechanics for their target users by means of rankings and customizations to get them to work for customers. The mechanics apply to situations that help promote customer loyalty, motivate buyers to continue making purchases, and provide attractive incentives to maintain their interest.

Involving not only the customer and your products, but also introducing rewards, challenges, and purpose as part of the interaction introduces a completely new and dynamic set of complexity with a very real-time and responsive nature to it. All these components working together in real-time can engage the user in higher and continued levels of participation.

When it comes to querying connected data in real-time, there is no database better than ONgDB. As a native graph database, ONgDB is designed for graph traversals in constant time, which means many data types can all be connected together for a complete perspective without any JOIN operations. ONgDB enables real-time responsiveness and interactions as the user interacts with products and advances through the game elements to power a higher-touch engagement.

Balancing the business goals and incentives related to products with the progressing of the gaming goals is a very dynamic set of data and constantly changing relationships. To really make gamification work toward the betterment of the business, there is a need to integrate the product supply chain as consideration while engaging with each individual user. All these elements are constantly changing and always having the latest information for consideration is a key benefit ONgDB can provide as a connected, native graph database.

It never hurts to begin small when using ONgDB for real-time and personal gamification with consideration to product and supply chain. What’s important is that you have clear business objectives to leverage the gaming mechanics in your company as it relates to your user and supply chain. Through this, you can increase quality results as you evolve the connectedness.

ONgDB enables real-time gamification by considering your supply chain and product requirements, connected customer and the gaming mechanics for that user. Being knowledgeable of all these things will greatly help in personalizing your gamification experience for the user while still considering key business objectives.