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ONgDB Production Ready: Security

VPC Security for ONgDB

ONgDB Cloud Platform Securely in AWS

ONgDB Enterprise AWS cloud SecurityWith cloud adoption consistently accelerating in all organizations and industries, selecting an ONgDB cloud provider that offers your business security and scalability while eradicating lead time of internal-building is important. To simplify such a process for utilizing ONgDB in the enterprise, the GraphGrid Cloud provides an ONgDB Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud offering. This ONgDB enterprise-ready data platform not only enables management of global ONgDB clusters but is capable of helping you free up time from laying the foundation in operations, to let you concentrate on your product and services development for your business.

Security is the biggest question on any organization’s mind when transitioning to the cloud, which is why that has been the core of the architecture and design for enabling an ONgDB cloud offering in AWS.

In AWS it is important to utilize a VPC, which guarantees that all your ONgDB resources can be launched in an isolated network that only your authorized personnel, infrastructure and services can access.

The VPC configuration must be properly configured to adhere to your enterprise security requirements. For instance, a public subnet is made so your servers can gain entry to the internet while your backend systems within a private subnet virtually has no internet access. It is important to establish controls for multiple security layers as well as security groups and network access control lists, for controlled access to ONgDB clusters.

Furthermore, you can make a Peering or Direct VPN connectivity between your enterprise data center/VPC and your ONgDB AWS cloud to leverage your AWS cloud VPC as a branch of your current data centers.

The GraphGrid Cloud provides enterprise required security out of the box for a comprehensive security approach including authorized entry, VPC controls with subnet segmentation, data auditing, and compliance of data at rest and in flight. One essential feature of the ONgDB platform in AWS cloud is its capability of deploying ONgDB Enterprise clusters into segmented network that can’t be reached by other consumer instances. Through this, enterprises can have a high degree of ONgDB security at an instance level.

All ONgDB instances are deployed within your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), with each being classified inside an ONgDB Cluster (launched with a security group) to allow entry within cluster-associated subnets. In addition, if you have any intention of extending your present solutions to a higher grade, the GraphGrid Data Platform offers security consisting of encryption-decryption options to properly secure data.

The GraphGrid Cloud for ONgDB in AWS cloud enables you to leverage ONgDB clusters on AWS in minutes. This ONgDB cloud platform leverages best practices of AWS to integrate, manage, and access infrastructure and data while ensuring security is paramount. This ONgDB AWS cloud offering is designed to work for enterprises globally by providing secure VPC deployments on all AWS regions and availability zones. Our goal is to enable your organization to operate uninterrupted and experience the benefit of integrating your data into a connected state that can be leveraged across your organization to help you achieve your goals. Schedule a demo today.