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June 09, 2022

Ben Nussbaum

Beyond Efficiency: The Surprising Wins of Collaborative Knowledge Graphs

You shouldn’t force your knowledge workers to keep everything they’ve learned about your organization in their heads or on papers scattered around their desks. Keeping their knowledge confined isn’t just ineffective—it sets a dangerous precedent for generating inaccurate insights about your organization, its processes, its customers, and more. Once misinterpretations are created, they travel from Read the full article…

Directing a Flood of U.S. Sanctions with Collaborative Knowledge Graphs

In our last article, we talked abstractly about the danger of the human-based knowledge graph. The idea that knowledge workers, in their endless struggle to make sense of their organization’s data at the pace demanded of them, find that there’s no common ground to gather, collaborate on, or share their knowledge. In response, they end Read the full article…