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Graph Advantage: Why Every Enterprise Should Use a Graph Database

Enterprise Need for Graph Databases

Enterprise Graph Database Advantages

Enterprise graph advantage -why every enterprise should use a graph databaseData in the enterprise today is a bi-directional, always-flowing, continuously changing business asset and every enterprise should use a graph database to get more value from their existing data. Yet data remains largely segmented and disconnected. For enterprises to begin converting their data into business value this data must be connected, understood and acted upon.

Enterprise data stored in graph databases with explicit nodes and edges provides competitive advantages to organizes adopting graph databases in all industries, beyond the common use case of social media companies today. With an increasing number of connected devices producing data and the need for an advancing enterprise to be data driven in their decision making, creates a deep necessity for an enterprise to connect and understand their data in a meaningful way. When data is connected and accessible across the departments of an enterprise by using a graph database like ONgDB, their teams will benefit from a more comprehensive awareness of the business and make more informed decisions to help the enterprise grow.

Today, CIOs and CTOs aren’t just after large data volume management. They also need to gain insight and direction from their current data. In this case, relationships between data points are a lot more important than the individual data points. To effectively leverage data relationships, enterprises should rely on a graph database that treats relationship information as a first-class citizen. Additionally a graph database like ONgDB does more than just store data relationships effectively, it also is flexible in expanding the relationship with a flexible property model which provides important details about the connection between the two data points.

Many leading enterprises today already experience the benefits of the Open Native Graph Database (ONgDB) to gain a competitive advantage in their businesses. Each used a technology from a graph database to harness the strength of data connections. A graph database is made for handling connected data, and the increased togetherness and volume in data today presents an opportunity for acquiring competitive benefits.

Three advantages the Open Native Graph Database (ONgDB) offers for enterprises include:

  • Quality performance: When it comes to data relationship handling, a graph database will vastly improve performance when dealing with network examination and depth based queries traversing out from a selected starting set of nodes within the graph database. In comparison, relationship queries for a traditional database will come to a stop when the depth and complexity of the network around a single entity increases beyond a handful of JOIN operations.
  • Flexibility: A graph database provides data architect groups at businesses advantages in handling data changes because the schema and structure of a graph model is flexible when industries and applications change. Instead of modeling a domain in advance, when new data needs to be included in the graph structure the schema will update when it is written to the graph.
  • Agility: Creating with a graph database perfectly aligns with with lean interactive development practices, which lets your graph database evolve with the rest of the application and evolving business needs. The Open Native Graph Database (ONgDB) is enabling rapid development and agile maintenance.

Whether it’s a global enterprise, startup, or small business organization, we’ve seen first hand and other enterprises have discussed at length through case studies that the Open Native Graph Database has enabled them to connect their data in meaningful ways to solve problems within their business that previously couldn’t be solved or enable new business opportunities, providing business value and growth. GraphGrid Connected Data Platform provides a suite of developer friendly tooling around ONgDB to give you the tools need to quickly and effectively get more value from your data. Download the fully featured freemium enterprise package today to get started connecting your data in context.