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Announcing the GraphGrid Downloadable Package

September 15, 2021

Ben Nussbaum

GraphGrid is pleased to announce the launch of our Connected Data Platform downloadable package.

GraphGrid’s GraphGrid is a flexible, extensible, developer-focused suite of connected data capabilities built around the free Open Native Graph Database (ONgDB).

The first version (1.0) of GraphGrid launched for cloud clients in 2018. Our latest version (1.4) brings together a core set of graph database services and tools into a downloadable package. It contains everything you need to set up your knowledge graph, get your data loaded in, connect it with context, and start working with it to uncover new insights.

At GraphGrid, we want to help lower barriers to working with knowledge graphs and AI, so we offer a generous freemium tier that can run with up to 8 CPU cores, 32 GiB memory, and 1 GPU for all editions and our full library of features. This resource level is enough for many organizations to take projects to production for free.

A decade of graph experience in a downloadable package

With more than a decade of experience architecting solutions for working with connected data, we’ve spent the time figuring out the foundational engineering so you can quickly put it to work. The GraphGrid downloadable package gets you to the discovery of new insights and AI integration faster, and lowers barriers so you can build smarter applications and move your business forward.

Save time and effort.

You don’t have to build it from scratch. We’ve solved the most demanding challenges of developing a connected data platform for your business.

Better collaboration.

Eliminate data silos and collaborate more effectively across your knowledge graph. Centralized model management and taxonomy give your organization powerful customizability, access, and control.

Empower your analysts.

Give your data engineers and analysts tools to utilize the entirety of your data connected with graph technology. Take advantage of our powerful Showme capability to create dynamic API’s.

Discover deeper, more complete insights.

Put your data into context and enhance your analysis. Find new patterns and connections faster. You see more insights with better accuracy.

Google-like search experience.

Create a natural language search experience with meaningful contextual results from your graph data. GraphGrid allows you to quickly and effectively configure a Google-like search experience without the headaches of keeping everything under the hood up-to-date.

AI readiness.

Prepare your data for AI by providing structure, distance, and context for graph embeddings that feed your AI models. Foster easy scaling, support machine learning, and improve data lineage and traceability.

Include unstructured data in your analysis

Natural language processing takes unstructured data in any form- documents, a newsfeed, or social media- and connects it into your existing knowledge graph context to gain deeper, more complete insights.

Solve Big Problems with Connected Data

GraphGrid has unlimited potential for solving problems with connected data. Fraud detection and analysis and Know Your Customer (KYC) insights are use cases where humans and machine-driven processes come together to create real-time knowledge for identifying key patterns of interest and risk-relevant pathways.

With GraphGrid you can quickly and easily identify patterns of fraud behavior that are unseeable with traditional analytics. The system can then push information directly to the right analyst, drastically increasing speed, accuracy, and productivity.

By connecting disparate data sources with context using GraphGrid, you can see a holistic view of customer information so you can serve your customers better. Or, use your connected data to identify behavioral patterns and inform or predict the most likely next steps and outcomes.

Editions, Price, and Availability

GraphGrid’s downloadable package is available in two editions: Enterprise and Ecommerce. Both editions include a full feature set. Enterprise edition includes Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities so you can turn text-based information into connected data. Ecommerce edition includes tools to create a smart shopping experience for customers and manage things like payment processing, invoicing, and order tracking.

GraphGrid 1.4 launches on Sept. 15, 2021, followed by a bi-annual release schedule. Version (1.4) includes 8 CPU cores, 32 GiB memory, and 1 GPU for all editions and their features and can be used through production for FREE.

Need more capacity or interested in having us run it in our cloud? Contact us!

This foundational launch of a core GraphGrid downloadable package feature set kicks off a series of bi-annually released updates to continue adding to and improving the product with the support and feedback of the community.

Who are we?

We are passionate graph pioneers!

Working with your data in context in a graph platform is a game-changer. We seek to lower the barriers to knowledge graph technology and AI and make it more accessible for all.

GraphGrid was formed to lower the barriers organizations face to adopting graph technology and working with AI. We are committed to The Graph Foundation’s mission to advance ONgDB (Open Native Graph Database) as a fully open-source product and we are the most significant contributor to the project.

With more than a decade of experience building graph-based systems, strategies, and tools, we understand what it takes to overcome the challenges and avoid pitfalls in the graph space. We’ve built connected data solutions across industries like entertainment, transportation, healthcare, the federal government, and the military with clients across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.