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ONgDB for Your Modern Data Architecture

November 02, 2015

Ben Nussbaum

modern data architectureWe recently sat down with the company behind the world’s leading graph database, to talk more about our role as a trusted solution partner and to dive deeper into how the GraphGrid Connected Data Platform augments their open native graph database as part of an AI-ready modern data architecture.

Talk to me about GraphGrid. What’s your story?
So to understand GraphGrid, let’s dive into a little back story: We co-founded AtomRain nearly seven years ago with the vision to create an elite engineering team capable of providing enterprises worldwide with real business value by solving their most complex business challenges. As we figured out what that looked like practically, we found ourselves moving deeper down the technology stack into the services and data layer where we handled all the heavy lifting necessary to integrate data sources and provide the functionality, performance and scale needed to deliver powerful enterprise service APIs.

In early 2012, we had our first exposure to what has evolved into ONgDB and experienced first hand the potential of native graph databases and over the next couple of years refined the integration of ONgDB into our GraphGrid Cloud and GraphGrid Connected Data Platform.

GraphGrid Connected Data Platform is the full suite of essential data import, export and routing capabilities for utilizing ONgDB within your modern data architecture. At its core, GraphGrid, enables seamless multi-region global ONgDB cluster management with automatic failover for disaster recovery, knowledge graph management and AI augmentation.

A powerful job framework enables on-graph analytics and job processing, which removes the need to move data out of ONgDB to do analytics and batch processing of data. Real-time Elasticsearch auto-indexing keeps your search cluster updated with the latest data from your graph.

Read the rest of the interview on their blog. Download GraphGrid Connected Data Platform and use the generous freemium subscription to take your first solution to production