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Why Connected Data is More Useful

Connected Data is Essential

Connected Data is WHY ONgDB Exists

Connected Data is more Useful and Enabled by ONgDB on GraphGridWe live in an era where the world is more connected than ever before and the trajectory is such that data relationships will only continue to increase with no signs of slowing down. Connected data is more useful to your business in today’s connected world. Leading enterprises will be the ones that utilize relationship-centric technologies to leverage connections from their internal operations and supply chain to their customer and user interactions. This ability to utilize connected data to understand all the nuanced relationships within their organization will propel them forward as they act on more holistic insights.

If you want a complete picture of your organization you’ll need a flexible data model with which to unify all existing internal databases and any external data sources with their unique data structures. When your data is connected with contextually relevant relationships and leveraged across an organization, it can lead to new growth opportunities, cost savings through efficiencies, accelerated agreements, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Here are the main benefits of having connected data in today’s business:

  • Increased Visibility
    Connecting clients, resources, projects, and financial data into a single database designed for relationship-centric querying allows internal personnel to gain real-time access to connected data that provides more complete visibility and actionable strategy as personnel build new products, interact with existing customers, etc.
  • Efficiency Gains and Collaboration
    In an enterprise with connected data, decision makers will more quickly understand business situations and be able to gain efficiencies through collaborations across departments and groups that would normally not be connected. Such interactions enable a globally distributed enterprise to more efficiently work as unified operation.
  • More Reliable Insight
    More reliable business insight can be acquired from connected data because it provides a complete and contextually relevant perspective on the state of the organization, which may not be initially apparent without all data connected. Through centralization of data on past results, future businesses, present projects, customer engagement and internal business drivers an enterprise can easily and swiftly access information and acquire the right insight for improved business results.

Sounds great, but how do we actually achieve this?

If you want a complete picture of your data with contextual specific relationships providing the connected data benefits just discussed, you’ll need to utilize a native graph database designed for optimal graph traversal to enable you to leverage these connections. The Open Native Graph Database (ONgDB) treats relationships between data entities as first class citizens and makes them a primary element in the database storage strategy. This relationship-centric data storage means less disconnections between your actual database and your constantly evolving data model.

With data relationship traversals at the core of ONgDB, it is extremely efficient when it comes to managing data complexity, especially when it involves deep and intricate queries, which are exactly the types of queries enterprises are making today to truly understand their interactions with the world end-to-end. Data complexity is a function of data size, structure and connectedness.

ONgDB should be your go to choice for connected data and GraphGrid Connected Data Platform gets you up and running in a secure, highly available, enterprise-ready infrastructure in minutes with our downloadable freemium offering and provides the necessary data pipeline to begin flowing in your data from various databases into a connected state. Schedule a demo today to learn how connected data is more useful for your organization.